Rev. Nate Walker’s PodCasts

Monsanto’s 21st Century Oath: Do No Harm

January 11, 2010

In preparation for his meeting with executives at Monsanto in St. Louis, MO, Reverend Nate Walker of the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia reflects upon three principles of biomedical ethics: (1) nonmaleficence, do no harm; (2) beneficence, generous acts of doing good; and (3) distributive justice, achieved through the fair, equitable and appropriate distribution of food. This sermon demonstrates how the "Grant Oath" can inspire the entire field of biotechnology to prevent harm, remove harmful conditions, and offer benefits to people, animals and the environment. Visit for the sermon text, including footnotes, which is part II of his series on Sovereign Seeds, a public letter delivered to the CEO of Monsanto on November 1, 2009. Visit to listen/read this original sermon.