What Unites Unitarian Universalists?

October 17, 2010

Reverend Nate Walker of the First Unitarian Church of Philadelphia asks, "What unites Unitarian Universalists?" Paul responded "respect for one another"; Ranwa said "our differences unite us"; Whitney and Kim said "love"; and Peter said "hope"; Manish said "ethics"; Paul said "the magnetic pull of acceptance"; Leroy said "what unites me with other Unitarian Universalists is a lack of belief in the supernatural explanations for the universe"; Jean Sue said, "the inability to blindly believe unites us"; and Janet says that "compassion" unites us "and a willingness - in fact a need - to question assumptions"; while Ed said that we are united by the ability to "appreciate a good question as much as if not more than answers." How would you answer this question?

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